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Relationship is at the centre of life: with ourselves, our partners, our children, our family, our work, our past, with our friends as well as the difficult and troubled people in our lives. If we are in an intimate relationship, any problem in the areas above will most likely put stress to some degree on that relationship.

Almost all committed and intimate relationships encounter difficult times where the communication and the connection is suffering. It might be financial strain, changed circumstances, past unresolved emotional issues resurfacing, or present-day emotional issues that just flare-up.

It could be that the common language between the couple has reached its limit of what can be clearly communicated which makes it almost impossible to talk about what is happening because there are simply no words to describe or to deal with the situation.

Understanding feeling tones is a beginning to help recognise and deal with complex underlying emotions that rise up and unknowingly impact on relationship. Finding a shared language that helps partners recognise they are having a difficult time, past emotion is surfacing or frustration at not being heard is driving an emotional outburst that comes between you, can be hugely beneficial and short-circuit the emotion playing-out, seeking a reaction leading to disconnection and unhappiness..

It can also be, especially in longer relationships, the past in the form of unresolved hurts and unspoken resentments that impacts on the love life, leading to a loss of intimacy and sweetness.

How can a training in Mindful Relationships help?

While the situation remains unresolved, taking time to put the spotlight of awareness on the relationship through mindful relationship training can be immensely beneficial. To take action and participate in a training with someone with experience in the field who can provide valuable insight, look from an unemotional position, address relationship from an objective, informed place and provide context and language to speak honestly and authentically to what is going on.
Discussing together, objectively, without emotion and finding solutions and ways forward. Too often couples might feel and remain stuck until both commit to acknowledging the block and finding workable solutions that leads to a more open, present loving relationship based on truth, presence, honesty and safety.

What can be done?

In the mindful relationship training sessions, either in person or online, we create a safe space were each person feels free to speak their truth and experience. We look into different aspects of what it means to be in a loving relationship. We learn to recognise deeper aspects of intimate relationship and provide specific strategies:

What it means to be fully present in a relationship without distracting and sometimes troubling thoughts, behaviors and feelings taking over.

To listen fully and speak to your partner from a place of core honesty.

Become aware of your underlying beliefs and patterns that are silently and perhaps unknowingly impacting on your relationship and keeping you stuck in old habits, behaviors and reactivity.
Learn to recognise feeling tones therefore having a deeper understanding of the emotion driving misunderstanding or reactivity.

If you are having ongoing difficulties in your intimate relationship you might benefit from objective input from a trained coach who sees the situation with fresh eyes and provide constructive input based on experience and understanding..

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Rita is a relationship coach, educator and trained mindfulness teacher with over 30 yrs experience in the field.

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Face-to-Face Couples Mindful Realtionship sessions

Book a Face-To-Face mindful relationship training with an experienced mindfulness trainer with extensive experience in the field, who can provide strategies and practical workable solutions to move forward while deepening intimacy, honesty and presence.


Online Couples Mindful Relationships training

Book an Online , Zoom or Skype consultation with an experienced mindfulness trainer with extensive experience in the field who can provide strategies and practical workable solutions to impartiallyto move forward while deepening intimacy, honesty and presence.


Couples Mindfulness Retreats

Learn what it means to be fully present in a relationship
A 2 day retreat of rest and relaxation, delicious food, light yoga and self-calming, self-awareness mindfulness practices. Focus on strategies to establish and maintain intimacy and honesty and providing a language to assist partners when the pressure is on to be able to communicate and ask for help rather than turning frustrations into anger and irritability. Orewa, Auckland.


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“Just watch this moment, without trying to change it at all. What is happening? What do you see? What do you hear?”Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Learn what it means to be fully present in your relationship

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally.”Jon Kabat-Zin