Custom Designed Workplace Training

How to Lead Yourself, Your Team and Your Organisation to a Better Work Environment

Our work pay the bills, occupy much of our time and can even give our lives purpose. But it can also be a source of stress: tight deadlines, long days and difficult conversations.

Regular mindfulness practice is a proven way to improve focus and awareness and to deal with stress and develop better resilience.

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» improve everyones ability to self-regulate and deal with stress
» cultivate a culture of kindness and empathy
» mindful leadership
» calibrate the value compass
» how compassionate organisations are the future

• Lunch & Learn
• 1 Hour Introductions (or longer if required).

Mindfulness In New Zealand
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Learn Mindfulness From Home

In this self paced online course you will train yourself to notice your thoughts and feelings through awareness on physical sensations. Via weekly lessons and easy to follow guided audiosYou will come to realise that you have the ability to shift our attention away from negative thinking and unhelpful behaviour patterns.

Experience benefits such as:

• Less anxiety and stress
• Mental clarity
• Increased ability to remain attentive and focused
• Better sleep easier
• Overall well-being