Mindfulness For Mental Balance & Self-Regulation

A Mindful Approach to Navigating the Nervous System for Calmness and Mental Clarity

“Thank you, this wonderful experience, which is now forever a regular practice in my life”.Susan H.

Deepen the contact with your natural intelligence and intuition



Mindfulness For Mental Balance & Self-Regulation

Learn strategies and techniques to cope with stress, fear, depression and anxiety in a safe place together with like-minded people.

“Thank you, this wonderful experience, which is now forever a regular practice in my life”.Susan H.

A course for those who are ready to explore their inner world of thoughts and feelings

As the benefits from daily mindfulness training are becoming more widely recognised, there is a growing demand for courses that can teach these techniques in an easy to understand and practical way to help anyone to quickly experience results even if they never done any meditation or mindfulness exercises before.

This course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms that underpin mindfulness widespread success and application as well as all the exercises and additional information that will help you establish your own regular practice.

In this course you will to learn to access calm, ‘rewire the brain’ to self-regulate, restore balance to the nervous system. build resilience and reprogram conditioned behaviours and beliefs that are unhelpful.

Learn strategies and techniques to cope with stress, fear, depression and anxiety in a safe place together with like-minded people.

MBSR Based Interactive Course Covering Activities & Practices

This course covers all the formal and informal mindfulness techniques and how to connect with the sensation in the body, using the breath to access the body’s natural calming system and much more:

  • Formal & Informal Meditations
  • Learning self calming strategies.
  • Cultivate Forgiveness
  • Steps to avoid Burn-out
  • Getting rid of resentments and working with difficult emotions.
  • Unlearning Limiting Beliefs
  • Polyvagal exercises for safety and connection.
  • Seeing through unhelpful patterns of thoughts and behaviours
  • Basic Neuroscience made simple
  • “I am extremely grateful for your teachings…you are truly inspirational”.Wendy R.
    “Why not make the inner world, where we spend most of our time,
    a still, silent and calm place to be?”

    8 Week Online Course – The Science of Calmness

    When you register you get access to a complete self-paced online course using easy to follow guided audio exercises. to establish your own mindfulness practice.
  • A 60 page Mindfulness Training Manual covering eight week lessons in downloadable PDF format
  • Guided Mindfulness audios for each weeks exercises that you can listen to on any device.
  • Recommended videos and talks to watch as a complement to the course
  • This online component that you can do in your own time covers for example:

    Learn Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Using Proven Methods

    The ability to control attention is one of the key markers of a successful life. Regular mindfulness practices is a proven method to help increase focus and awareness, make it possible to self-regulate and shift attention when caught up in negative thinking and worrying.

    Mindfulness is a proven method to help increase focus and awareness, make it possible to self-regulate and shift attention when caught up in negative thinking and worrying. Mindfulness exercises are designed to train our awareness and the ability to stay calm under stress and turbulence as well as having better sleep and increasing resilience.

    The course gives you the background, science, practices and techniques to establish a regular practice yourself.

    The course is based on the successful program Mindfulness in Australia has been running the past nine years as well as latest research and techniques on teaching mindfulness designed by the original MBSR members
    who trained with Jon Kabat-Zinn.

  • The reason mindfulness has reach the mainstream after centuries in obscurity
  • What mindfulness is and what it is not
  • How do you establish a regular practice?
  • How to halt the chronic activation of the ‘Stress Response’ and stop the constant leaking of stress hormone
  • How to intentionally connect with the body’s natural calming system
  • The STOP method and how to use it
  • How to make mindfulness part of your daily self-management plan
  • The RAIN method and how we can allow a ‘feeling’ to be there to make it lose its hold over us
  • Seeing through unhelpful patterns of thoughts and behaviours
  • Basic Neuroscience made simple
  • The simple (but not necessary easy) cure for worrying
  • Dealing with difficult emotions
  • Recognising patterns of the mind and buried and unresolved emotions

  • Make a Booking & Receive The Online Component Today!
    “My perspective of life has expanded through this practice as I discover more about myself through awareness, non judgement and compassion not only for others but for myself. Thank you Rita”.Melissa M.

    Immediate Access to the Online Part

    After you sign up you get immediate access to the 8 week online component of the course, all lessons, guided audios etc. You can choose to read and listen to the lessons online on any device or you might want to download and print out the the lessons and upload the guided audio exercise to your favourite listening app. It is up to you.

    Start experience benefits such as:

    • Decreased stress and anxiety
    • Better sleep
    • Better self-management
    • Less reactivity
    • Improved mental resilience
    • Increased self-awareness
    • Better memory
    • Increased attention and focus
    • Better conflict resolution skills

    are all common and expectable result from regular Mindfulness practice.

    It doesn’t matter if you never have meditated or done one Mindfulness exercise in your life, this course is for anyone who are moved to establish their own Mindfulness practice and get the tools to improve focus, mental resilience and impulse control.

    Course Description

    The course is held as a zoom meeting where all participants can communicate with each other or as a face to face meeting where we sit together in a room. The size of the group in both cases is between 6-12 people.

    The course covers both the practices and theory of mindfulness including basic neuroscience and polyvagal theory. We do a lot of practices and look at why the need for mindfulness and inner mental regulation has become so urgent in recent years.

    Included in the course is an 8 weeks online component that you can do in your own time. With guided audios and step by step instructions this course helps you to establish a personal mindfulness practice.

    The cost for the zoom training is $195
    There are payment plans available, (pay a $100 deposit and then $50 weekly).

    You can pay securely on the website with Paypal or credit card or you can request an invoice. If you want to use a payment plan, choose ‘Bank Deposit’ as the payment method and say ‘payment plan’ in the order comments field.
    Or let me know in the email if you want to pay via invoice.

    Pay securely via credit card or invoice. Payment plans are available.


    Course in Melbourne

    APRIL 2024

    2 Day Mindfulness Facilitation Course in Melbourne 24-25 April 2024

    Wednesday: 9.30am-3.30pm
    Thursday: 9.30am-3.30pm

    Cost: $550
    Including: Morning tea, Teaching Manual, Eight Week Lesson Plans, Online Course and Ongoing support.
    Payment plans available.


    Limited to 12 people
    8 seats left

    You find more dates below


    Kathleen Syme in Carlton is the area’s first creative, learning and community space. Housed in a restored 139-year-old building, the centre features a library and community activity spaces in addition to learning and training rooms
    The stunning Victorian-era façade of the former state school has been carefully restored, while inside there is a welcoming and accessible centre for all members of the community.

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    4 Weeks Mindfulness for Mental Balance & Self-Regulation course ongoing, join at anytime
    Weekly sessions of 90 minutes.
    Saturdays 1.00pm-2.30pm NZ Time (11.00am-12.30pm NSW Australian Time)

    Cost: $195
    Including: 8 Week Online Course
    Payment Plans Available.


    Register for this course Today and get immediate access to the 8 week online component to start practicing today using easy-to follow guided meditations.

  • Guidance given by an experienced mindfulness trainer
  • The opportunity to learn in a safe, relaxed environment with a beginner group.
  • Be empowered by the discovery that you can self-manage your thoughts and emotions.
  • Deepen your contact with your natural intelligence and intuition.
  • Complete documentation incl. a 8 weeks self-paced mindfulness online course.

  • Make a Booking & Receive The Online Component Today!

    Pay securely via credit card or invoice. Payment plans are available.


    “The 8 week course has allowed me to re connect with the person I used to be and ignite my passion to forge forward, to help others find their passion, peace, connection and love within themselves. So they too, can help others to find their way in life. Thank you for this experience and training”
    Sia, Sydney, AUS

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    Rita Riccola is one of New Zealand’s leading mindfulness trainers. Hundreds of individuals including school teachers, life coaches, psychologists and counsellors in both New Zealand and Australia has taken her mindfulness courses to date. She is a former teacher and a trained mindfulness teacher with 28 yrs experience. These courses are designed to meet the growing need in all sectors for Mindfulness training.


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    It’s taken a long time to become the person you are with all the usual flaws and conditioned behaviours and reactions, but, please be easy with yourself.

    Negative thoughts are toxic. What worse is is that those, especially, self-critical thoughts of not being good enough, not measuring up etc. mostly goes on ‘under the radar’ where we don’t recognise them. They are like an invisible automatic response in the brain that get triggered in different situations. When this negative self-talk goes on undetected it can bring about low self-esteem, feelings of ‘being a failure’. Over time, those habitual negative thoughts can lead to emotional distress, anxiety and depression.

    Opposite to everything the world tries to tell us, we don’t need to add anything to ourselves. We are whole and complete as we are. For too long, we have been conditioned to believe we are less than whole and need to add something to be better.

    With Mindfulness training you are not adding to your knowledge in the traditional sense – you are in fact removing some of the mental clutter that is holding you back from being naturally mindful and in a state of equilibrium.

    Through these easy-to-do practises you will train the mind to be more present in the moment. resulting in it to be less anxious, more alert and alive.

    When you have had enough unhappiness and begin to recognise it’s our thoughts and often an inability to accept life, as it is, that causes so much unnecessary suffering, our thoughts, especially the negative ones, are the root cause of suffering.

    When we put the spotlight of awareness on thoughts and patterns of reactivity and recognise that we have a choice of where we put our attention as well as knowing we can shift attention, especially when trapped in negative self-talk, this becomes the doorway to inner freedom.

    Why Mindfulness?

    Evidence based results from around the world continue to show that the regular practise of Mindfulness has ongoing benefits for physical and mental health. Research over the past few decades has found that Mindfulness training helps to;


    Relieve Anxiety & Stress

    In our fast paced lives, where we rush from one demand to another, there is very little time or space to stop and pause. Mindfulness offer the tools needed to connect with our inner intelligence, where we can access natural calmness beneath the busy minds.


    Let go of Anger & Frustration

    Coming in contact with your direct experience in the mindful state allows us to become familiar with the patterns that direct our lives; our thoughts, emotions and reactions.



    Pain is an inevitable part of being human but suffering is optional. In Mindfulness we learn how to manage our thoughts and emotions instead of letting emotions and thoughts manage us.



    Aimless thinking and inner chatter is draining our energy and clouding over the present moment. One of the most common benefits from regular Mindfulness training is greater mental clarity and a new sense of inner peace.


    Have Better Sleep

    To be able stop incessant thinking and worrying is one of the great benefits of Mindfulness and it makes it easier to sleep in and have unbroken sleep throughout the night.



    Mindfulness practices increasingly bring you more into the present with the growing awareness that going over the past keeps you stuck in the past.

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    There is no religion, dogma or beliefs attached to Mindfulness. Mindfulness has it’s roots in many contemplative practices but doesn’t require or impose on anyones belief systems. It’s a mental activity that has proven to be of great benefit for maintaining physical, mental and emotional balance.

    Evidence Based

    The many benefits of Mindfulness have been well documented especially in the past 30 years since Jon Kabat-Zinn established the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme that has led to the wide-spread, evidence based research and the acceptance of these non-religious, practical exercises anyone can do.


    Mindfulness practice doesn’t require any preparation or beforehand knowledge about meditation. Anyone can experience the effect from these simple exercises.