Private Mindfulness Training with Rita Riccola


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Learn mindfulness strategies and breathing awareness exercises and body awareness to decrease/eliminate overthinking and anxious thinking from a trainer with 30 years expereince in a private setting. Learn More Here

Cost: $60 for a 30 minutes session
Including: 8 week online course

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In this training we share a basic understanding of how the nervous system functions and how people’s thoughts and memories (often untrue) are too often the root cause of escalating anxious and problematic thinking. When the nervous system is continually over-stimulated it ‘learns’ to hold stress patterns in the body- tightness and tension. Mindfulness practices aim to teach people simple breathing awareness exercises and body awareness strategies to decrease/eliminate overthinking, anxious thinking, stressful thinking and to be more present in the body and alert to when tension is rising and learning strategies to let go of stress patterns.

When we develop this awareness, through practice, we are more able to monitor and control our anxious thinking and reactivity and learn to respond. This leads to a more relaxed body and the ability to maintain more inner calm, even when the inevitable life pressure is on.

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OPTION 1: Full 2 day course – $550, OPTION 2: Half Day Introductory-$145


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